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I was lucky enough to get introduced to Lunchclub by Alyssa Meritt back in October. I’ve been singing the praises of the service that lets you network in an age of no networking for some time now. I honestly think it’s a huge blind spot for LinkedIn. Candidly, I think LinkedIn is likely to go the way of Skype here as a MSFT acquisition.

Lunchclub’s premise is simple enough; create a profile, add some tags, a few discussion points and hook to your LinkedIn profile. Then, via their AI, they will magically find you people that might be relevant for…

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Are we about to head into another roaring 20’s like we did post-Spanish flu in 1918? There is a lot of speculation on this and candidly I’ve been skeptical. That changed for me recently.

We’ve been in the greatest economic expansion in the history of history. Instead of a massive crash we have just had this controlled burn tied to COVID and it’s coupled with the acceleration of digitization we couldn’t have gotten any other way. These two things plus one other ingredient are teeing us up for economic expansion like we have never seen before.

Ever so quietly, Starlink

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How many more times will you get an opportunity like this? It happened in 2001. It happened in 2008. It’s happening again in 2020. The economy collapses, a lot of people lose their jobs and then things rebound to something far more interesting. It’s going to happen again and we’re on the cusp of it. Because of this pandemic, it’s going to be a much bigger opportunity as things have fundamentally changed forever.

The key right now is to breath, try to read the tea leaves and hope for a bit of luck.

I lived through 2001 and dove into

Why on earth am I doing this?

It’s looking like this lockdown is going to last quite a bit longer and as such, I’d like to offer my little bit of love. It’s weird how we go back to our roots. 🙂

I’ve found a great supplier of pork belly and I’ve been busy making a bunch of different kinds of bacon over the last few weeks and I feel like I’m getting pretty good at it. …

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David Chang’s Fuku eatery just launched causing a stir (and was subsequently paused) here in Portland this week. It’s working through “ghost kitchens” to deliver spicy chicken goodness.

Are Portlanders really up-in-arms or did the local media just poach a few tweets from people to whip everyone up? No clue … even cursory examinations of Twitter show the “backlash” was minimal at best. Yes, there was the local food cart consultant that complained to the media but … so?

I like David Chang. I love Momofuku. I’d like great food delivered to me in a time when you can’t go…

No, it’s not at

So last weekend we decided to have Friday night game night and do it on-line. This manifested itself as a Google Hangout which we put on our big TV in the living room along with using the “Pretend You’re Xyzzy” service to actually play the game.

What you’ll need:

  • Separate device for each person — this can be an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer.
  • Setup time — pick a time about an hour before game time for you and whoever else you’re going to be playing with to debug the game setup, Hangouts (or Zoom as may be the case)…

Working from home is kind of rough and honestly I like to wake up knowing I have a *thing* to do especially at an early (ish) hour.

I’m proposing a daily digital coffee catchup since we’re all sequestered in front of webcams right now and have things to do so this catch-up session will be short and start at 9am PST / 12noon EST weekdays. It can’t be more than 10 minutes long.

No obligations, no video required and definitely no more than 10 minutes but just a chance for anybody who wants to catch up and be on point…

On January 27th, 2014, I received a manila envelope with a rough, hand-written note in Sharpie saying “Personal and Confidential for Scott Kveton only” that was hand delivered to the front desk at Urban Airship. When I pulled out the inkjet-printed, papyrus-paper page demanding a $1.5M cashiers check to be delivered in 7 days to my accusers’ attorney to settle her “claim quickly and in confidence,” I was in utter shock. I did not deliver that check.

As my public filing in the civil case makes clear, I absolutely deny the accusations against me, and I expect to be fully…

Last week I went on a fact-finding mission to check out the recreational and medical marijuana markets in Colorado. For those that don’t know, Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2006 and became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2012. The first stores opened for business on January 1st, 2014 putting Colorado about 2 years ahead of where Oregon is as far as legalization goes.

One of the 16+ flowering rooms at the 40,000 sq ft Medicine Man indoor grow facility in East Denver.

I landed in Denver late Thursday night and headed out to visit as many dispensaries as I could starting on Friday. What surprised me the most were how many dispensaries there…

C49. Gate C49 at Denver International Airport to be exact. It stands that Southwest Airlines always has their gates in the most remote parts of the biggest airports. I imagine the gate fees are cheaper. In any case, that’s where I am writing this post.

For the last 8 weeks I’ve been looking hard at a space that has interested me for a long time. I’ve traveled around, talked with people and started testing some of my thoughts around this “new” industry. As a serial entrepreneur, I love emerging markets that haven’t been fully-defined. …

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Entrepreneur, pizza maker, bacon lover, crypto-currency owner, husband and proud father.

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