Friday Game Night: Cards Against Humanity Online

So last weekend we decided to have Friday night game night and do it on-line. This manifested itself as a Google Hangout which we put on our big TV in the living room along with using the “Pretend You’re Xyzzy” service to actually play the game.

What you’ll need:

  • Separate device for each person — this can be an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer.
  • Setup time — pick a time about an hour before game time for you and whoever else you’re going to be playing with to debug the game setup, Hangouts (or Zoom as may be the case) … trust me this makes startup of the game WAY more fun.
  • An optional computer for Google Hangouts — we just did our MacBook Pro connected via HDMI to our TV with the camera pointing at the couch.

Let’s setup the game. The big thing is if you follow the links from blog posts or even Google searches you’ll likely land on an overloaded server. If you head here you’ll get a chance to pick your server. You should make sure everybody playing is headed here and you all pick the same server. Bear in mind, the server names are NSFW.

Once you have your server and accept the TOS, you land on the page to create your account. Basically you pick a username (aka Nickname) and password (Optional identification code). I highly recommend the password option as there are quite a few trolls out there on these servers.

Okay, now you’re in. In the upper left-hand corner of the page you’ll see a “Create Game” button and upon clicking you’ll see this screen:

From here you’ll want to make sure you enter the game password and then click somewhere outside of that input to “save” it. Now you can share this password with your friends and they can find the game.

Now your friends need to search for your game and then click the option for entering the password you just set:

Once you have at least 3 players the host can click the “Start Game” button in the upper left-hand corner of the page:

A few details to remember:

  • If you’re the “Card Czar” (as above) you get to pick which cards best fit the black card. It rotates between all of the players.
  • If you’re having an error or it’s not loading correctly go ahead and refresh the page … it SHOULD let you back in right where you were at and clear up any issues.

If you’d like to join for this Friday’s game, just message, text, tag or whatever and we’ll figure it out. Would love to have you join!



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Scott Kveton


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